Annapolis Valley, Brow Mtn., Rd. Black Rock , NS
Phone: (902) 691-2513
Campground Rules
The following rules are for the consideration of other campers and visitors. The management reserves the right to cancel use of the campground if any of these rules are abused.

  • All parents and guardians will be completely responsible for their 
    youngster's actions, behaviour and safety.
  • No riding bikes after dark
  • No trespassing on or through other campers lots.
  • Pool rules are posted by the pool. Pool is open for all ages.
    Offensive language and/or behaviour will not be tolerated.
    Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Do not cut or mark trees without permission.
  • Do not leave campfires unattended or move fire pits.
  • One vehicle per lot.
    There are additional designated parking areas in the campground.
  • No parking in empty sites.
  • Pets must be in leash.
    Owners are responsible for their pets and must clean up after them.
    No pets in the playground or pool.
    No excessive barking.
    Small children are not to be walking large dogs.
    Owners must be in control of their dogs at all times.
  • QUIET TIME IS 11:00 PM.
  • No loud music at anytime
  • No underage drinking.
  • No firearms.
  • Visitors must sign in at the office and pay appropriate fees.

Please report any problems to the office. If we don't know about it, we can't help. Thank you for your cooperation in making everyone's stay more pleasurable. We appreciate your business. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please tell us.

Seasonal Camping
  • Rules for seasonal campers are the same as other campers.
Additional Rules
  • Four wheelers and dirt bikes are allowed. You can enter and exit the campground, but no excess driving is permitted in the campground.
    No speeding.
    Watch for children.
    Respect landowners property.
  • Bagged garbage only in the dumpster. No large items such as BBQ's, chairs, propane tanks, etc.
    These items must be taken home with you.
  • One vehical per lot in your designated area.
    No parking in empty sites or other campers sites.
  • Seasonals are responsible for mowing their own lot.
    Sheds must be painted.
    Decks must be kept in decent shape.
    Lots must be kept clean of garbage and old wood.
  • We do allow spring time washing of trailers only.
    No bikes or vehicles.
  • No outside appliances.
    A small bar fridge on your deck is acceptable. Anything larger goes in the shed or camper.
  • You are responsible for your guests.
    Make sure they know the rules and that they sign in.
    Daytime guest must leave by 8pm unless paying to stay longer.
    Please do not use your gate key to let visitors in.
    There is parking for guests near the front gate.
    Anyone doing this will have their card deactivated.
  • Power bills are available in the office the last weekend of every month.
    It is your responsibility to pick them up and pay.
    Any overdue bills by 30 days will have their power turned off.
  • Nothing is to be nailed or screwed into trees.
    Please take your clotheslines down in the fall.
  • Dogs must be tied, fenced, or on leash at all times.
  • No drinking or driving golf carts, 4 wheelers, vehicals, etc.

Pricing Rates
  • Please inquire for rates
  • Close relatives (parents, grandparents, grandkids, sons, daughters) may stay free of charge. All other guests will be charged a small fee.
  • Day Visitors are free of charge although there is a $5.00 fee for using the pool.
Payment Options:
  • Cash Only
Check-In / Out:
  • Check In:    1:00PM
  • Check Out: 12:00 pm.
    *Please make arrangements at the office by 10:00am if planning to stay longer.
  • Camper's day guests allowed between 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Campground Map
Click Here to view the campground map.
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Phone: (902) 691-2513